12th April 2008 -- Vilhelm and Jay band shirt available worldwide!

Finally! Our band t-shirt is available online! Go check it out! For the moment, the web store is only for Finland but foreigners can still get it by sending an email.

Ordering worldwide

The options

Available: slim-fit t-shirt, t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, lady fit

To order the shirt, simply send an email here and tell them your size:

Ordering from Finland

» Order a Vilhelm and Jay band shirt (in Finnish)

- Jay Groove

23rd December 2007 -- Forum opened!

Go have a look and post something. You can post without registering. It looks pretty empty right now... And yeah, merry Christmas! (I refuse to say happy holidays or seasonal greetings. For me it's Christmas. Period.)

- Jay Groove

12th December 2007 -- Talent Finland 2007 is over!

We want to thank everybody who voted us! Unfortunately we didn't win the whole thing but surely we had lot's of great time! We made it to the Talent Finland 2007 finals and 830 000 people saw us perform in it, LIVE! An amazing experience and surely the greatest show we've ever made so far. Especially, it gives me the biggest smile ever to see how many of you liked us! So thank you once again! Come see as on our gigs!

» About the future

We're now getting emails and trying to figure out the best way to handle it all. A tour would be great, but I can't promise anything just yet. If you want to have us in your city, you can send email to people who book public gigs (for night clubs: contact the restaurant manager). We also want to record an album but for now that's all the information we have! Anyway, we're thrilled about this all. Stay tuned!

- Jay Groove

4th December 2007 -- Talent Finals LIVE this Sunday (9th Dec)

Woohoo! A big thanks to you all who voted us! For those who don't know, Finns voted us to the grand final show from our semifinal group. So what we've done is that we locked ourselves into a basement for a week or so... to practice and prepare the big final show. Some crazy things are gonna happen - something we have never done before. I'm not sure if anyone has done these things on TV. So if you ever want to see us play, now is the time.

Talent Finland 2007 FINALS: 9th Dec (this Sunday) at 8pm LIVE on Nelonen!

Over half a million people are gonna watch it so don't you dare to be one missing it out! And if you like us, please vote too! Okay, fine. If you just can't get Finnish national TV channels, we'll no doubt help you out by posting our performance in YouTube as soon as we can. Thanks!

- Jay Groove

12th November 2007 -- Talent: Semifinals on TV this Sunday!

We're performing quite an interesting piece of music on national TV (Finland) this coming Sunday. Make sure you don't miss this out! It's our group on talent semifinals. It's gonna be tough and rough, we have lots of talented competitors to beat. In the finals we'd play something even more daring and crazy. So, if you want to see that, vote at least a million times to make sure that happens! Here are the air details one more time so that you won't forget even if you wanted to:

Talent Finland Semifinal TV performance: 18th (this coming Sunday) November at 8pm on Nelonen

- Jay Groove

5th November 2007 -- Talent: Through to semifinals!

We got through! Watch our uncut performance here.

- Jay Groove

30th October 2007 -- Our Talent episode airs on 4.11. at 8pm on Nelonen

Vilhelm and Jay appears on Finnish national TV on this coming Sunday at 8pm. We will be playing... well, lots of interesting stuff. Just catch the show!

-Jay Groove

24th September 2007 -- Talent Finland (on Sundays, 8pm, channel Nelonen)

We took part in the Finnish version of Britain's Got Talent. The show airs weekly at 8pm on Sundays, starting this Sunday. For those who have access to Finnish tv channels, it's the one called Nelonen. As you might guess, we can't say if we or somebody else made it through or not. And sorry, we can't say which episode(s) we're on -- or if we even are on any. Actually, we don't even know about the program schedule! So if you wanna see us do our thing, just watch the show! One more thing: if somebody happened to catch us on tape, (a digital video, pc/mac) please let me know (see contact). Thanks!

-Jay Groove

30th July 2007 -- Back in the business

Asia has been officially taken over. Now I'm back in Finland and we're back playing the craziest tunes. Check out dates section to know where and when.

While I was sunbathing in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, a lot of people were doing something else. Our silly little rehearsal video clip of Super Mario theme has gotten over 100 000 views. The number grows almost a thousand a day! We want to thank everybody for their interest and hope to see you guys on our gigs.

-Jay Groove

28th December 2006 -- Last gigs before six months break

I'm going to Singapore for six months for exchange studies (Computer Science at the National University of Singapore). During this time, the band will be on a break. Don't worry, we're going to continue playing as soon as I come back to Finland - which is going to happen on the 15th June 2007 (flights already booked!). So, if possible, come see the last gigs in Rovaniemi and Pyhä, they're gonna be great!

-Jay Groove

24th November 2006 -- Guestbook opened

Our guestbook now in use. Wipii!

9th November 2006 -- New videos

Chicken, Disco Medley and Amazing Grace from the Kemi Lockarock gig (22nd Oct 2006). Again, poor video quality but you get the idea. YouTube rocks the world.

- Jay Groove

8th October 2006 -- More videos

The gig on 9/22/2006 was filmed from the audience and I got my hands on it now! There are now some clips in the videos section. Go check them out! The sound quality is what it is. Yeah, it's a dv cam's own microphone. But you get the idea. A guestbook will show up as soon as the server is running PHP5. Hopefully that's going to be soon.

-Jay Groove

9th September 2006 -- Online!

Atleast parts of the site are good to go. Some (gallery, guestbook) still need some work. My schedule is very busy right now but I thought better to open the site and work on the missing elements afterwards. So here you go, just missing the legendary "website is under construction" image. Check soon back for updates! Please feel free to email us. Contact information can be found here. Happy surfing and see you on the gigs!

- Jay Groove