Vilhelm and Jay

In a nutshell

Vilhelm and Jay is a duo (bass: Vilhelm, drums and keys: Jay) from Finland, Rovaniemi. The music, however, is not "drum 'n bass". The material consists mostly of some legendary songs the duo arranges for bass, drums and keys. Since this is a very extraordinary way of playing music, humour is one of the key elements. The band likes to have fun and tries to entertain the audience (musically! This is NOT a hunks show). We consider ourselves a band, not a duo. And that's what people keep saying to us. It does sound like a full band, not just two guys jamming Proud Mary on the background.

The most of the songs are played as instrumentals. Sometimes the audience "is punished by" some of our lovely vocals. Think of the sound cats make when they're in pain. The playlist includes themes from tv-series, video games and movies and medleys of pop/rock/heavy/disco songs. There are also jazz/fusion tunes like Spain and Birdland - even the Flight of a Bumblebee. We have to take it people are entertained because often the gigs end only after the second encoré... To get a clue, check out the videos. The length of a gig can be anything from ten minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the occasion. One could think we're kind of a top 40 band with a unique vibe.

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Dudes - the fact file

Jay Groove - drums, keys, "voc"

Photo: Jaakko Tossavainen
  • Born: 13.7.1983
  • Personal website:
  • Singapore drumfest 2007 - drum challenge: 3rd place
  • Started playing: piano in 1990, drums in 1996 and percussion in 1999
  • Quote: Practice makes you suck less.
  • Music: Anything from Jazz to Heavy. A good song is a good song.
  • TV: Heroes, Prison Break, Lost, South Park, American Idol
  • Gear: DW drums (dw hardware and pedal also), Zildjian cymbals, Nord Stage 76 and a keytar. The complete list can be found here

Vilhelm Valloittaja - bass, "voc"

Photo: Jaakko Tossavainen
  • Born: 21.11.1984
  • Finnish bass solo contest: winner in 2006 and 2nd in 2007!
  • Started with guitar in 1997, changed to electric bass in 2000
  • Quote: Guitar players are even more stupid! hehehe...
  • Music: Good 80's music. And everything else.
  • TV: MacGyver, Pink Panther
  • Gear: Schecter stiletto custom 6, cheap Ibanez with 6 strings, good EBS cabs and a ton of effects